Lake Creek Placer


Funding Lake Creek Placer Project is a small but lucrative project that requires $2,5M in startup capital. These funds can come from the Private Placement Offering or a Project Participation Agreement with an Investor or Operator.

Return on Investment The NPV of the project is $3M assuming a 7 year LOM and  50k cy/season production and a .03 o/cy recovery. Preferred Company stock sold through the PPM will return 10% on investment Plus any dividends. Project participation will return 12% on capital invested and receive up to 12% of the profits depending on the level of investment. Submit the Funding form under the INVESTOR tab of this web site to receive further detail.

Claims Lake Creek is accessible by land travel in the winter only; via two ice roads. The upper ice road follows the Petersville road thru the Peters Hills down and across Cache Creek, onto the Kahiltna River flats below the Kahiltna Glacier, crossing Lake Creek near River Mile 43. 

Exploration $1.1M of exploration including access construction, trenching, panning, sampling, testing and assaying has been performed on the Lake Creek claim group. 350k cy of pay gravel has been proven with a .03 0/t au. Lake Creek is closed to mineral entry and this claim group has grandfather rights.

Permitting An Application for Permits to Mine in Alaska (APMA) has been drafted and ready for submittal. It will include the upgrade of the pioneer road necessary to satisfy State of Alaska DNR. requirements.

Infrastructure An access road has been forged from the Yenlo Service Road to the claim group. A wash plant and heavy placer mining equipment will be moved to the site. Living facilities will be moved to the site along the winter trail for the summer production season.

Development A 50cy/hr washplant, excavator, dozer, and loader will be moved to the site, living facilities and power generation will be included. Total expected development cost are $1.5 M

Production The annual production scheduled for Lake Creek Placer is 50k cy. The recoverable grade is .03 o/cy. Total annual revenue estimate is $1.5M over 7 years. Total projected revenues from production is estimated at $13.6M