About Us

The Grant Lake Corporation owns several claim groups with discoveries and proven mineral reserves in the Yentna and Hope Mining Districts in Alaska. Our land assets are positioned for further exploration or in advanced development. Our management team have over 40 years of combined experience in mineral prospecting, exploration, development, and production.
We expended over $14M in exploration over the last 20+ years. All projects are either in Pre Feasibility, Feasibility. or Financing. All projects have a production history with established mineral resources and mineral reserves. We have Federal and State claim groups, with lode, open pit, and placer mining in small to large quantities of precious metals, diamonds, and gen stones. All projects have completed development plans and can move at an accelerated pace.

We will fund our projects through production revenues, private equity, and debt sourcing. We issue Private Placement Offerings and Project Interest Agreements with institutional or private investors.

We respect the people, wildlife, and environment around us, we are thankful for our freedoms and strive to add to the quality of the mining industry, our community and the world.