Grant Lake Corporation was founded by Ted K. Stinson and Paul T. Torgerson, both residents of Anchorage, Alaska. The company’s predecessor Grant Lake Development Company, was founded in 1946 by Jack Merrington (1901-1998), the owner of the Case, Solar and Cabin Creek Mines. The Case Mine was discovered in 1911 by J.F. Case and E.E. Whitney. From 1947-1960 Merrington recovered 2,076 ounces of gold from 1100 tons of ore, mined from the Q2-1600 level and Q5-1550 level veins. The ore grade on the tonnage was 1.88 opt au. In the winter of 1960-1961 an avalanche destroyed Merrington’s five-ton milling plant, and he was seriously injured in an accident. The mine was shut down and never restarted due to an early-1960’s moratorium on mining in the area.

Stinson and Torgerson were hired by Merrington in 1987 to restart the Case Mine, dormant since the early 1960’s. They worked for him until his death in 1998 at age 97. Following his death, and a 30 year effort, Stinson and Torgerson secured 100% ownership of the Case Mine in late 2014. That same year the company requested that FERC lift its moratorium on new claim staking and mining in the area. In January 2015, FERC vacated the mineral closure. The company now owns or manages five claim groups on Grant Lake. All have significant recoverable mineral deposits. In February 2017, the company filed to add the new claim groups to its approved 2015 Case Mine Exploration Plan. The revise Case Mine Operating Plan, now called the Grant Lake Operating Plan, was approved in March 2017. In May 2017, the partners incorporated Grant Lake Corporation.

On September 29, 2017, Grant Lake Corporation, acquired 100% ownership of Diamond Gold Corporation in a stock trade for 20% ownership of Grant Lake Corporation. At closing, Ms. Ann M. Ellis, former President and principle of Diamond Gold Corporation, joined Grant Lake Corporation as the third member of the company’s Board of Directors. The company’s new state mining claim acquisitions include, the Lake Creek, PGE, Monazite, Sable, and Fire Brick claim groups.

The company is owned by Ted Stinson, Vice President , Paul Torgerson, President & Chief Operating Officer, Ann Ellis, Resources Manager, and a group of 55 small stockholders.

** Grant Lake Corporation is in good standings, has no debts, and all claims are current and valid. **