Paul T. Torgerson, Director, CEO & President, has 45 years’ work experience primarily in the power generation, oil & gas and mining industries. He is a Vietnam Era Veteran. He has 30 years’ experience in oil & gas and energy development includes experience in gas turbine power plant design and construction, hydraulic dam construction and green-energy design experience in wind power, fuel cells and electrolytic hydrogen generation. He has provided consulted services to government owned utilities in several foreign countries. He was a lead designer on four arctic oilfields in Alaska. A second-generation gold miner, he has consulted on mine development at several locations in Alaska since 1981. He is skilled in project engineering, design development, team building applications and process engineering, production facility design, materials take-offs, procurement, project logistics and manpower scheduling. He is highly skilled in estimating, patent licensing, research agreements, and project contract negotiations and compliance in fuel cells, oil & gas and utility power generation. His fuel cell and hydrogen electrolizer R&D with scientists from Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) was published in 2007 by both the Electrochemical Society (ECS and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Ann M. Ellis, Director, Mineral Resource Manager / Landman, has 40 years’ work experience in the mining, commercial insurance and senior care industries, including 18 years in remote mine development where she’s been involved in eight projects, 20 years in the commercial insurance field, and two years as a personal care provider. She is proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, has excellent communication, time management and problem-solving skills, and has demonstrated corporate and directorial management and decision-making capabilities. She has extensive logistics and negotiating experience in mine acquisitions, permitting, establishment and management of remote helicopter-supported fieldwork, highly experienced with a demonstrated ability to successfully handle any type of mine development activities.